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Hi--- I have done a lot of nude hiking in Cal. and NH but now that I am in So Florida there has been far less opertunity.    If anyone of the Juniper people want to set up a hike please feel free to contact me.   I am also open to other locations here in South Florida. 

Hi all,
I'll ask in the camping section of this group, too, the following.
I'm planning an early March trip to the Tampa and Zephyrhills area with a car rental through Orlando's airport.  Mainly, I plan to visit Grandparents in Zephyrhills, stop in Lutz to see where Edward Scissorhands was filmed (Tinsmith Circle), and do some nude camping/swimming/sunning somewhere.  I was thinking Cypress Cove in Kissimmee and Clearwater beaches near Lutz.  Any further suggestions in the area? 

Hello Ryan.   I had the pleasure several years back of doing much the same as you are planning.   Starting with business in the Orlando area, I rented a car and traveled to St Pete to explore some old childhood digs.  Then I drove do to see some friends in Punta Gorda.   The high point of this trip was the day I spent communing with the gators, kayaking on the Myakka river just east of Sarasota.   Adjacent to or within the State Park is a canoe livery on the river where one can rent kayaks and canoes.   This was during the winter and the area was delightfully deserted, just me, the gators, and miles of pristine river.   The network of hiking trails in the park is also a must see.   One of them features a canopy walk, a kind of rope bridge strung for several hundred feet up in the tree tops, ending in an observation tower.   I don't remember if there are camping facilities in the park or not, but there may well be some private grounds in the area.    My recollection of the park is that it is a bit too family friendly to be naked much on the hiking trails.   In any case, well worth a day trip to paddle a wilderness river where nudity would be entirely possible.   -Dan

Naked Budd cracks me up!  "You score Double Naked Hiker Miles if you do it trailhead to trailhead, Triple Naked Hiker Miles if you leave the shorts in the car... and quadrulple if you leave them at home altogether!"

Thanks to Freewalker and other Florida posters for mentioning all the, gulp, wildlife.  I'm used to looking straight ahead to see moose and bear, not looking down to see snakes and gators.  I don't plan to do much hiking in the wild, just walking around resorts and beaches-- maybe some driving au natural, too.  That'll earn me some Naked Hiker Miles I hope, and no points on my license 'cause I plan to be careful.

I live near the Gainesville area and have found that there are some rather good places to nude hike in the Wildlife Management and Water Management areas.
These areas usually have maps at the trailhead, have great loops, and are generally free of other humans.  They provide me with short hikes where I can be free of clothing and generally don't need to worry about being seen.   Plenty of these places around in North Central Florida.  Maybe we'll cross paths someday.


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